While Don is currently exploring the strange new world of self-publishing, he was first published by Macmillan in 1980 and later by Del Ray, publishing a total of eight novels before leaving the traditional publishing world. Don is now releasing new work, as well as reintroducing his previously published work as ebooks and print on demand. Don’s novels have won major awards and been on bestseller lists, and he’s written in genres that range from literary fiction to science fiction.

Speculative Fantasy Adventure

The Moondark Saga: Warrior, Wanderer, & Witch


Two great kingdoms battle to rule the inlet sea of the Pacific Northwest, but a centuries old cryogenic crèche is about to awaken, bringing to life military leaders with weapons and technology unlike anything this world has ever seen.

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Military Thrillers


Friend or foe, civilian or Viet Cong? How would you fight a war when you can’t identify the enemy? A Vietnam War novel unlike any other, this story will take you inside the counter-intelligence efforts in Saigon and give you a rare glimpse at the iconic conflict.

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Blue Bears


For decades the heads of every Intelligence Bureau in the world have wrestled with the mystery of linear implosion nuclear weapons small enough to fit in a suitcase. Do they exist?

The backbone of the controversy is the now-defunct Soviet Union. Credible sources claim thousands of these weapons still exist in a Russia depository. They’re designated as the RA-115. The men who know the secrets of these weapons rule the darkest corners of the Russian intelligence networks. Among themselves they speak in whispers of the Blue Bears.

When a courier is caught transporting Blue Bears through the Republic of Georgia, the CIA is called in. The investigation uncovers a trail leading from a former KGB colonel to a Saudi billionaire, whose mad vision incorporates not only the nuclear destruction of Western world capitals, but the establishment of a terrorist caliphate.

Randy Sawyer, the resident CIA agent in Tbilisi, mounts a black operation using Georgian Special Forces. His orders are to recover the Blue Bears and eliminate both seller and buyer. In the depths of Siberia, Sawyer must face not only the Russians but betrayal from within. Alone, disavowed by the men they trusted to support them, Randy Sawyer and his team must complete their mission, or see a third world war explode if they fail.

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Shadow Of Lies

ShadowOfLiesMartin Carmondy is the owner of an outdoor supply shop in Seattle. He is also a KGB spy, sent to the United States seven years ago. He’s built an extensive intelligence network in Silicon Valley, collecting information for the Soviet Union. Carmondy has received a new order. He’s to be the control agent for a new source: an amateur working on the development of a new super computer. The information could be invaluable, but the slightest mistake could bring Carmondy’s entire network to its knees. Meanwhile, Steven Black is on Carmondy’s trail. Black was once a counterintelligence chief, but Carmondy burned his identity, destroying his career. Now he’s been called back as the one man best suited to take down the West Coast Russian network. He must prevent this powerful technology from falling into Soviet hands, and catch the man who ruined his life. Martin Carmondy and Steven Black. Each man fighting for the future of his country. Both determined to secure control of America’s technology, or die trying.

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Literary Fiction

Light The Hidden ThingsMcQuinn-LighttheHiddenThings-FT-CV-ebook

Fall in love with the story of a retired Marine struggling with PTSD and the woman determined to help him. Don McQuinn examines the difficult subject of post-traumatic stress disorder with the skill of a great writer and the depth of understanding of a retired US Marine. Read “Light The Hidden Things” today.

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Forthcoming (Out of Print, To Be Republished)

  • Wake in Darkness

  • With Full Honors

  • The Prisoner Within