While Don is currently exploring the strange new world of self-publishing, he was first published by Macmillan in 1980 and later by Del Ray, publishing a total of eight novels before leaving the traditional publishing world. Don is now releasing new work, as well as reintroducing his previously published work as ebooks and print on demand. Don’s novels have won major awards and been on bestseller lists, and he’s written in genres that range from literary fiction to science fiction.

Speculative Fantasy Adventure

The Moondark Saga: Warrior, Wanderer, & WitchWarrior

Two great kingdoms battle to rule the inlet sea of the Pacific Northwest, but a centuries old cryogenic crèche is about to awaken, bringing to life military leaders with weapons and technology unlike anything this world has ever seen.

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Military Thriller


Friend or foe, civilian or Viet Cong? How would you fight a war when you can’t identify the enemy? A Vietnam War novel unlike any other, this story will take you inside the counter-intelligence efforts in Saigon and give you a rare glimpse at the iconic conflict.

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Literary Fiction

Light The Hidden ThingsMcQuinn-LighttheHiddenThings-FT-CV-ebook

Fall in love with the story of a retired Marine struggling with PTSD and the woman determined to help him. Don McQuinn examines the difficult subject of post-traumatic stress disorder with the skill of a great writer and the depth of understanding of a retired US Marine. Read “Light The Hidden Things” today.

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Forthcoming (Out of Print, To Be Republished)

  • Wake in Darkness

  • Shadow of Lies

  • With Full Honors

  • The Prisoner Within