The Moondark Saga

The Moondark Saga was originally published as a trilogy of three  novels: Warrior, Wanderer and Witch.  Now that the books are being released as ebooks, you can buy them as the original three books, but we have also broken them down into their three interior books. So they are available as a series of 9 or as their original series of 3 trilogies.

The Moondark Saga

Set hundreds of years after a massive world war drove humanity to the brink of extinction, the Moondark Saga tells the story of people born into a dark age, where the surviving tribes of people share a culture deeply entrenched in war and violence. Set in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the story explores a future landscape that was once the greater Seattle area. The Moondark Saga is an engaging journey set in a rich and detailed world, packed with dramatic battles and compelling characters.

Original Full Length Books

Warrior: The Moondark Saga, Books 1-3

WarriorIn the grand landscape of the Pacific Northwest, two great kingdoms battle to rule the inlet sea, and the nomadic Dog People have been caught in the crossfire. Gan Moondark, son of the War Chief, is expected to one day rule the Dog People, but war and prophesy have a different fate in store for him. Even as he tries to find his place on the battle lines, the balance of power in the region is about to dramatically shift. A centuries old cryogenic crèche is slowly awakening, bringing to life military leaders from a long forgotten war, with weapons and technology unlike anything this world has ever seen. Will these strangers help Gan Moondark start a new era of peace and prosperity, or will they drive the three kingdoms further into brutality and war?

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Wanderer: The Moondark Saga, Books 4-6

wandererNow that Gan Moondark and his allies protect a delicate peace, Rose Priestess Sylah knows she must leave The Three Kingdoms and take up the responsibility left to her by her late Abbess. Sylah must find the mysterious Door, foretold by legend to hold the power of the ancients.

Sylah prepares to leave on her journey, accompanied by Priestess Lanta, Donnacee Tate, and Matt Conway. But Church is fearful of the power Sylah seeks, and have condemned her quest as heresy. They are determined to stop her, at any cost.

Unbeknownst to Sylah, Tate and Conway have their own mission. They suspect The Door could be another cryogenic crèche, or an ancient military installation. If they’re correct, the repercussions of uncovering it could be severe. But if they’re ever going to learn what’s behind The Door, they must first survive the perilous journey to find it.

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Witch: Moondark Saga, Books 7-9

WitchRose Priestess Sylah and her companions are making their way back to The Three Territories, armed with powerful knowledge contained in sacred books. All the while, Gan Moondark has been struggling to keep his young empire alive. The kingdom suffers under constant attacks from enemies on all sides, and Gan’s campaign for freedom may already be dead.

As winter falls, The Three Territories’ enemies have begun to conspire, planning a coordinated attack on Gan’s castle. Church means to reassert it’s power in the region and punish Sylah for heresy. Moondance wants nothing less than the total domination of Gan’s kingdom. The Skan intend to raid the entire coast for slaves, looting the lands for all they are worth.

Gan must once again turn to Conway and the other survivors to use their skills and weapons in the coming battle. They will need every advantage against the combined force of their enemies. But the people of Gan’s kingdom are restless, fearful of their enemies and distrustful of the magic being produced by Sylah’s books. Gan must convince his people to trust him, and the strangers, or his kingdom will be lost before the war has even begun.

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Serial Length Installments

Book 1: Escape To Challenge

Gan Moondark has always been a loner among his own people, preferring the company of his war dogs over his tribe. His father wants Gan to succeed him as War Chief for the Dog People, but his fellow tribesman thirst for battle and view him with mistrust. As tensions threaten to boil over into civil war, he must find out if he can live up to his father’s expectations and become the great leader he’s been prophesied to be.

All the while, deep in the heart of the Enemy Mountains, something both new and ancient is slowly awakening. A strange cave cradles a long-forgotten cryogenic crèche, and it’s slowly coming back to life.

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Book 2: Warrior’s Gamble

Gan Moondark has saved two of the strangers, Tate and Jones, and together they continue their perilous journey through the Enemy Mountains. As the war between Harbundai and Ola looms, Gan and the strangers find themselves escaping directly into the heart of the conflict.

Conway and the rest of the crèche survivors find themselves guests–or rather prisoners–of Altanar, the cruel king of Ola. Altanar covets the secret of their weapons, hoping to use them against his enemies. Conway knows that survival in Ola is precariously hinged on their ability to be useful for Altanar, but he fears their knowledge will help spread the reach of the King’s tyranny.

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Books 3: Who Dares Define Victory

Gan Moondark and the Wolves of Jalail have won a decisive victory at Bear Paw River, delivering a humiliating defeat to Ola, but also proving to the King of Harbundai that Gan and his company are a very real threat to his own throne. Gan and his allies now find themselves preparing to defend themselves from enemies on multiple fronts.

Across the border in Ola, Conway believes that flight from Altanar’s captivity is the only option for survival, and he begins to assemble a plan for his people to escape.

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Book 4: The Path Of Mistakes

book2-a-2Now that Gan Moondark and his allies find themselves protecting a delicate peace, Rose Priestess Sylah knows she must leave her friends and take up the responsibility left to her by her late Abbess. Sylah must find the mystical Door, foretold by legend to hold the power of the ancients.

Sylah prepares to leave on her journey, accompanied by Priestess Lanta, Donnacee Tate, and Matt Conway. The two crèche survivors have their own mission: to find out if this legendary door is connected with the secret of their past.

But the journey may end before it begins, as Sylah’s quest has been condemned as heresy and Church is determined to stop her, at any cost.

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Book 5: The Path Of Confusion

book2-b-3The Kossiars have given Sylah and her friends little choice but to journey with them into the kingdom of Kos. Sylah is determined to do whatever it takes to continue her quest for the Door. But in order to do so, Sylah must first survive her meeting with the Chair, ruler of the most secretive and dangerous kingdom known to the people of the Three Territories.

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Book 6: The Path Of Discovery

The Path Of DiscoveryNow that Sylah and her surviving companions have escaped Kos, they face a grueling journey through the Dry, a great desert riddled with violent nomads and raiders. On the other side of this expanse lies the legendary Door. If Sylah can find it, she can harness it’s power and prove that she is indeed the long foreseen Flower.

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Book 7: Malice

witch1While Rose Priestess Sylah and her companions make their way back to the Three Territories, Gan Moondark is struggling to keep his young empire alive. The kingdom suffers under the constant attacks from enemies on all sides.

The Three Territories have many enemies, and they have begun to conspire and plan a coordinated attack on Gan’s castle. Gan must once again turn to Conway and the other survivors to help keep his campaign for freedom alive.

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Book 8: Poison

witch2Gan and the people of the Three Territories struggle to prepare for the looming war. Leclerc’s inventions may give them a chance at survival, but the seemingly magical devices are making people nervous. Gan needs the support of his allies now more than ever, but poisonous deceit is taking root in his own castle, worming it’s way into the hearts of his most loyal friends.

All the while, Tate and Conway set out on a journey back to the crèche, nestled deep in the Enemy Mountains. They know they must find the ammunition stashed away in the cave, without it their friends stand little chance of surviving the coming war. More importantly, they have to get there before Moonpriest does if they’re going to prevent the weapons falling into enemy hands.

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Book 9: Renewal

As all out war closes in on the Three Territories, Gan Moondark must rely on the strength and innovation of his allies if he’s going to defend his kingdom from the Skan and Windband. However, the battle may be lost before it’s even begun, as twisted deception threatens to destroy his kingdom from the inside.

With the wisdom and ingenuity of Gan’s allies, the knowledge of the mysterious books, and the skills of the kingdom’s best warriors, they may stand a chance of surviving the largest battle yet. But only if they can work out who their true allies are and come together, once and for all.

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  1. Mr McQuinn, these are among my most beloved novels ever. My first copy of Warrior wore out from constant re-reads! Are there ever going to be more books in this series? A truly great universe, characters, and story, and it deserves far more recognition. Thank you so much for sharing the Moondark saga with us; it was and is a big part of what inspired me to attempt a writing career myself. When I first read Warrior more than 20 years ago I said to myself, “Someday I want to write a book as great as that.” Thank you, sir.

    1. Thanks for your comments about the Moondark Saga. It’s always a pleasure to know the work’s pleased someone and the only way to learn that is if someone takes the time to speak up. You also spoke of wanting to write. I hope you’re pursuing that idea. If you don’t try, you’ll always wish you had. If you did try, and it didn’t go as well as you hoped, get back in the game. Only you can tell your story.

      As for more books in the Moondark Saga, I can’t promise that, but if the present re-release interests readers I’ll probably go back to Gan and Tate and the rest of the cast. I’m curious to know what other adventures they get into myself.

      Again, thanks for kind words.

      1. Hello Mr Quinn,

        I’m sitting in my study wondering how I was going to construct this letter to you. After reading this response, I decided to just go for it…..your series is fantastic!! Thank you for it! I see where this could be an on-going saga beyond the nine books….but wait, there’s more!! This series could also be made into an awesome role-playing game (rpg) akin to the series “Dragon Age” by Bioware…..also, do you know if there were audio books made for this? My Kindle has a word to speech feature, but it wouldn’t do justice to the narration of the story.

        Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful contribution to the reading community.

      2. Hi Tony,

        Thanks so much for the kind comments on the Warrior Saga. Your suggestions (role-playing game, audio books) are way outside my comfort zone. I’m not computer illiterate, but I’m very much a plain vanilla author; electronic adventures are not me. If I write something that entertains and stimulates readers like you, that’s plenty good enough for me. In fact, I hope you realize how beneficial it is to a writer to get a message such as yours. Sales are a measure of acceptance; good thoughts are a measure of appreciation. Believe me, (B)’s more important than (A).

        Again, thanks.

        Don McQuinn

  2. Thank you for the e-book release! My paperback copes have become so worn out over the years due to re-reading, and I still enjoy reading about my native Northwest but in this alternative reality setting. The writing impacted in a special way, (I took special note of your description of the “ferry” in Wanderer, clearly a description made by one who has ridden the ferries of the Puget Sound)

    At any rate, I first en-encountered “Warrior” when I was 19, now I am 43 and still re-read the books, and I have not found anything else quite like them. Thanks for the great stories.

  3. Hello Don, just wanted to let you know that dad, sister and I love this series! I always wondered if the creche survivors would ever tell the truth about their past.

    Here’s to hopefully more in the series!

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for the kind note. I’ve always wanted to press ahead with the Moondark Saga, but things keep getting in the way. More importantly, however, I’m grateful for your input. Guys like me – and an ever-growing number of women – write sort of in a vacuum. We know how many people buy the books; what we’re never sure about is how many truly enjoyed them. It’s quite special to get a note like yours. Thanks to the whole family.


  4. Hello Mr. McQuinn,

    I was very happy to come across this new format, and re-release of Warrior, Wander, and Witch. This series is my favorite, and I re-read them more than once. Even as I read it the first time, it was put together so well that I could picture it as an excellent movie trilogy. I read earlier that you weren’t interested in pursuing these in an Audiobook format. Please reconsider. You may be able to reach another audience, just like the one you are reaching via ebook. I drive 100 miles a day, back and forth from Everett to Kent. I listen to audiobooks to keep from falling asleep. I would most certainly buy these again and revisit these old friends. If I may be so bold, consider RC Bray as your narrator. His rendition of the Martian is brilliant. I am a fan of this series, and will remain so. Many thanks for writing them, and reading this. Would love to read a new installment as well.


    1. Hi Douglas,

      I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know you enjoyed my work. Especially when you’re spending so much of your time bashing through traffic. That takes your really nice compliment and moves it up several notches. Thanks, many times over.

      The audio book concept is intriguing. When/If the time seems right, I’ll probably pursue it. For the present, however, I’m tied up in couple of projects that simply eat time. I don’t know RC Bray; I’ll check out Martian to get a handle on his work, although I suspect you nailed the best guy for the job. And if I ever turn out another Moondark adventure, I promise you’ll hear about it from me.


  5. I first read your trilogy many, many moons ago. Every time I re-find your book in my massive unorganized library I dust it off and make sure all the black is still on the white, then search for the other two. I wanted so bad to see a forth novel I imaged how I would write it, how it would be laid out possible new characters.I knew though I could not give the depth of character and environment that make it what it is. That seed was planted and when I finally had time.(After 21+ in the USAF) began writing my own books. Please give one more breath to the Moondark Saga, perhaps “Wrecker”

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. A long time ago a very wise man said, “Anyone who writes for anything except money is a blockhead.” He’s probably right, but in plain fact, a note from someone who appreciates the material is right at the top of the list of reasons to create the stories. And for sheer excitement, nothing beats having a reader tell a writer that his/her work has inspired the reader to “begin writing my own books.” Please don’t be offended if I offer some advice in that regard; I’m pulling for you to become a published author. First off, wherever you are, look for a writing group. You need support to make it in this game. Second, learn that a writers group can help you find your way to better craftsmanship, but the only person who can write your books is you. Next, go to writers conferences. It costs money, but it’s cheaper than college, it’s more effective schooling, and it’s no-nonsense how-it’s-really-done involvement. Get a copy of Chris Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey. I don’t care how much talent you have, you need to learn your craft. Vogler’s book is the best first step you can take toward that goal.

      Write. Constantly. Never quit. If you quit you simply guarantee you lose.

      For what it’s worth, you should know I’ve thought often of continuing the Moondark Saga. If I ever do, I may not title the next one Wrecker, but I don’t have an idea for anything as good. I can’t promise that’s what I’ll call it, but it’s a good bet. Thanks.


  6. Hello Mr. McQuinn,
    I have heard about your books from my friend. They sound great, but I won’t read them. I will listen to them though. 🙂 I wanted to cast another vote for reconsidering the books being presented in audio format. You do not have to do the work. You can just release the books to be read by other services. You would then see another return on your time well spent writing. To get the ball rolling, you can check out what has to offer you. There are other similar services. Please make your books available in audio form so that those with blindness and reading disabilities may enjoy your stories too. Thank you.

  7. I just discovered the Moondark series and I am one of many who want more. If you check your Amazon reviews, you will see readers are clamoring for more!

    Thank you for making them available to Kindle Uimited readers too. That can drastically increase your audience. Your granddaughter is a smart cookie. Most avid readers are going to Kindle and nooks. It’s easier for us more, ahem, mature people who just have an issue with print size. They allow us to set the perfect reading environment for each individual.

    On the subject of audio books, there is a whole audience for them these days. My mother and sister only listen to audio and they were avid book readers, but moms age makes audio easier and my sister is a truck driver.. You might want to have your granddaughter look at doing it through Amazon, since you are already selling from there. I believe it is a service they offer. Just a thought!

    So again, please more Moondark!!!

  8. Hi. I just had to tell you, I loved your books! I had some time off during the Thanksgiving holiday and took the time to read. Once I started, I could not put my kindle down! Your books captivated me. I just finished the last couple chapters today and am left wondering what will happen next. Good books do that, leave you wanting more! Thank you for this treasure of a series.

  9. Hello Mr.McQuinn,

    Thank you so much for such a great reading experience. After finishing the last book, though it ended in a manner that suggested an upcoming book, I was throughly pleased at how everything played out. No other book has given me such a rollercoaster of emotions that made me want to stop reading the book but wanting to keep reading because I know there is always hope for your characters. You tied up the loose-ends enough to satisfy leaving the books as is, but it would be great to know what happens next especially after the revelation at the end of the book.

    Thank you again for writing an amazing adventure for us all to experience. Here’s to hoping you continue the adventure you’ve written for us.

    1. Hello Maverick,
      It’s not easy to thank someone for comments as nice as yours. In fact, for someone who’s supposed to be a wordsmith, it’s a bit embarrassing because the best I can muster is “thanks.” What I can do, however, is explain why I’m particularly pleased and gratified by your letter. The thing is, any writer worth his salt sets out to say something about mankind that makes the reader think. At the same time, if the writer doesn’t entertain the reader, the reader quits the book, and the message never gets heard. What you told me is that you got involved in the story. You thought about it, and the characters. Then you told me it affected you. I hope you realize how much praise of that order is appreciated.
      I seriously doubt I’ll ever write any more books in that world. I’ll promise you this, however: If I do, there’ll be a character named Maverick.

  10. I downloaded the first three ebooks for free from Amazon, as I do so many other free book offferings there trying to find a new author to enjoy. However, this is the first free book/series I have finished where I immediately planned to purchase the rest of the story.

    Thanks so much for an engaging set of characters, world, and storyline!

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