About Don

I was born in Winthrop, Massachusetts and we lived in several places before moving to Texas. I spent my formative years there, graduating from Galena Park HS. During a year of military school in Minnesota picking up some courses I skated past in Texas, I won a USNROTC scholarship to the University of Washington. I graduated with a BA in English, a second lieutenancy in the Marine Corps and a terminal case of in love with Miss Carol Smith. We were married in December and I was in combat in Korea a little over a month later. Fortunately, I came home early, so was on scene for the birth of our first son.

I retired as a major, moved to Seattle, and proved to be an unsatisfactory civilian. After quitting my second private sector job, Carol urged me to write. Our (by then) three sons agreed with her. I thought they were all crazy, but I had to live with them, so I wrote. A few years later I was lucky enough to be published.

Writing is my passion, a psychological substitute for the excitement addiction of my earlier life. When not writing, I have a host of other interests, from gardening to hiking. The company that makes the defibrillator that saved my life asked me to do two in-house inspirational films so the people who make the thing could see a survivor’s gratitude. Following that, I was asked to appear in a video advertising campaign. Since then I’ve done more radio and tv work. There’s barely enough money in it to call it a hobby with cash perks.

Modern self-publishing possibilities have opened all manner of doors for people like me. We can write in any genre we choose, write whatever we choose. Getting the right words on the page is the same challenging adventure, but today’s author can afford to wing off in any new direction that interests him or her. Me, I’m working in as many as I can as fast as I can. As long as I can entertain, as long as I can make readers think, I’ll be at it.