Light The Hidden Things

McQuinn-LighttheHiddenThings-FT-CV-ebookFrom award-winning author Don McQuinn comes Light The Hidden Things, a poignant and beautiful story that will resonate with anyone who has loved someone struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Carter Crow has been wandering the country for years, denying and fleeing from the terrors of PTSD. When the retired Marine rolls into the quiet mountain town of Lupine, he doesn’t expect it to be more than a temporary distraction. However, after meeting the strong and beautiful Lila Milam, his carefully controlled guard begins to drop. A tentative bond starts to kindle between them, but Crow’s troubles and Lila’s own struggles threaten to smother the flame just as quickly.

Something about Lila and the people of the peaceful town tugs at Crow, but he’s driven to run again, escaping the grief and pain that stalks him. This time, however, he’s unexpectedly confronted with a stark choice: accept the love and support being offered, or let the trauma of his past finally engulf him.

Don McQuinn explores the difficult subject of post-traumatic stress disorder with the skill of a great writer and the depth of understanding of a retired US Marine. If this book can help just one person whose life has been touched by PTSD, then he has accomplished his mission as an author.

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Praise for Light The Hidden Things

“Light the Hidden Things is a beautiful story about the haunting weight of the past, the hope that comes from second chances, and most of all, the healing power of love. It’s written with power and skill by a seasoned author who understands the nuances of the human heart. Carter Crow’s emotional journey is deeply personal, yet universal. Recommended for romantics everywhere.”

Susan Wiggs

#1 New York Times Best Selling Author

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