Pies and Pita

Made a couple of pies yesterday – one plum, one pear. Used a store-bought crust, but intend to learn to make my own. We had a huge plum crop this year. This is the second pie. I didn’t even know you could make pies with them. All those wasted years. Turns out they’re delicious. And making the pie’s simplicity itself. Now we’ll see about the next menu item – I’ve got a recipe for mashed beans and rice in pita bread. I don’t do a lot of veg dinners. When I do I tend to feature beans. Love ’em. I could live a long time on Boston Baked Beans and Cuban Black Bean Soup. How come it’s the ordinary stuff that keeps calling us back to the table?


  1. I too have a bountiful plum tree, but luckily I have a german mother who makes pflaumen kuchen, (plum cake) old world style. Butter, sugar, flour, plums. Yup, it’s the simple things.

  2. When I was kid Baltimore was liberally sprinkled with German bakeries. Stuff was way more substantial than in French or Italian bakeries. I’m betting your mom’s plum cake makes first-time samplers weep over lost time before the discovery.

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