It is I. It’s me. Both of us.

My place. Everyone needs a place to just sound off. Vent, if you prefer. Or muse. Cogitate’s a nice six-bit word. As near as I can tell, it means to sit back, unwind, think deep, cosmic thoughts. Like who invented chunky peanut butter. And why? Or what makes spinach stick to your teeth? How does spinach know how to fasten onto front teeth and ignore all the others? Does it think? Are we in danger?

Sometimes I’m going to get on some serious stuff. I’m so wound up about our continuing involvement in all things Middle East I can spit like a welding torch. I’m sick of a Wall Street culture that steals money through phony “instruments” so they can buy even phonier Congressman. I’m tired of reading labels on my food because I know people are putting stuff in there that’ll kill cancer if you’ve got it and give it to you if you don’t. I’m up to my limit with political correctness: It’s a manhole cover, people. Own it.

I don’t argue religion. Or politics.

Mostly I’ll be talking about writing. Writing’s what I do. It’s my passion. I’ll be posting tips and gems from other authors, as well as links to author pages. I’ll be digging into any site I think is interesting or helpful to folks like me. What’s that mean? Who are those folks? Those who write because it’s a need. I really don’t care about defining success. The approval of others is fine. It’s not a necessity. Personal satisfaction is.

There are probably a couple million blogs out there. If you find your way onto this one, I hope we’ll get acquainted, shoot the breeze a bit. Can’t offer you a cup of coffee, but I’m sure the tech wizards are on it. Cream and sugar?


  1. Oh Boy! Finally I am first in something. I will bookmark your blog and check it frequently! I don’t drink coffee but if you have some loose tea around, that would be wonderful!

  2. So it I am following you now (scarey) but it asked if I wanted to follow you on twitter I know you like birds but are you twittering?

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