Last week I posted a blog about the President and remarked that, having blasted at the FBI as best he could, the he would now go after the intelligence agencies who tried to chill his passion for Putin. I was sickened to be proven correct when he went after Mr. Coats as having “gone rogue” and now threatens to vacate security clearances for several (retired) officials. We’ll see more of that because we’re living in our own cult of personality landscape. If we had an American in the office of President, we’d destroy anyone who attacked our democracy as Putin has. If we had an American electorate with any sort of concern for their own well-being (and that of their children), we’d demand an immediate end to this regime’s intentional pollution of our air and water. If we were the people we keep telling ourselves we are, we wouldn’t be watching our government employees participate in the destruction of helpless families. If we had a real sense of our place in the world, we wouldn’t have a President who adores international murderers. Our opposition party leaders wouldn’t continue to offer a limp hand of peace to the President’s mob the same way he offers submission to scum like Putin and Kim.

Our elite made the President possible. Millions of people voted for him because the alternative was the same stagnant twaddle we’ve been handed for decades. It wasn’t hatred or ignorance that drove them; it was contempt. The American middle class has seen its proud nation reduced to placating tin hat dictators, begging for cooperation from its allies, and led by ninnies who simply haven’t the guts to fight for anything like middle class values. My television set – and yours – is jammed with 6-figure-paid journalists parading out the same 8-to10-figure-paid gurus reassuring us we’ll be magically transported to a new golden era if we’ll just elect one more tired plug from the DNC stable. I admire the press for getting after the President. We need them desperately. Unfortunately, none of them – and their Richy Windbag guests – knows anyone who’s plain old middle class. Much of what’s left of that middle class, after decades of crummy leadership, is in revolt. The President and his Republican lick-spittles know how to make them drink his Kool-Aid. He’s turned our towns and cities into one huge knife fight. In response, the Democrats have risen in counter-attack, flogging all evil-doers with the twin pom-poms of sweet reason and impeccable manners. Not that all the President’s supporters are evil. He is. They aren’t. But they want leaders who understand that the common man in this country is now a servant, his pride and status reduced to something called minimum wage. The Americans I know hate that, be damned sure. They won’t vote for someone who doesn’t have a clearly stated plan to help them. Instead of someone who does have a plan, our press persists in serving up the same overcooked turnips who burble about returning us to the good old days. They’re too isolated from America to realize they’re responsible for destroying our middle class and with it, our vaunted shining city on a hill. And now they want us to vote for them so they can continue the good work. But don’t blame the Democrat leadership exclusively for the state of our union. The Republicans have been right beside them, their insulation from American reality as complete as any Middle Eastern sheik’s.

We need fighters. Young men and women who come to the party with the gloves already off. We don’t need Hitler’s Brown Shirts or anything like it. But has anyone here ever heard of the CCC? Or the WPA? The TVA? How about the Golden Gate Bridge? When the great depression knocked this country flat we had a leadership that fought ferociously to build and work our way back up. The President is doing his malevolent best to destroy our institutions and our economy in his lust to become Dear Leader. Don’t kid yourself that his goal is another term in office. He’s working for dictatorship and the old order has no chance against him. Fortunately, the press has given us some acquaintance with politicians like Seth Moulton and Ted Lieu and Alexandria Orcasio-Cortez, people itching for a chance to tear up the pig in our parlor. We need that new blood and clear-eyed view of what we’ve become and how we can change it.

I’m going to say one more thing. If you care to infer a racist tint in it, you just enjoy yourself, but I’ll tell anybody that, unless your skin’s as white as Ivory soap, the President and his core will never consider you more than a second class citizen. He thinks of a lot of white people that way, but if you’re a person of color, his election was the day your future disappeared. He’s got a scatter of judas goats in his pack. Disregarding them – as he will, when they’ve outlived their usefulness – he’s your mortal enemy, and if you don’t vote him and his servants out of office – and you don’t get your friends and family to vote with you – it’s time to reserve your seat in the back of the bus. Or worse.

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  1. Well said Don. Perhaps the millennials will make a difference. That and a new breed of politician. What a breath of fresh air that would be!

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