Splendor In The Grass

We’ve got an interesting tug-of-war going on in Washington. We voted to decriminalize marijuana, which is a sort of strange display of state’s rights from such a liberal community, but that’s just a sidebar. The real tussle is between the number of communities and districts that’ve passed their own law saying you can’t sell the stuff in their jurisdiction and the folks who see the decriminalization as a hook to snag more tax money. All of a sudden we have individuals and institutions that holler righteously about the right to choose complaining bitterly about people who are doing exactly that. It’s a peculiar logic – if it’s legal to sell marijuana – and you simply say “I don’t want it sold in my neighborhood” – you’re thwarting the law. The gun lobby would love that. If enough people who don’t want it around reject stores that sell it, how long will it be before we pass another law that says you have to allow it? And, with that, how long before smoking the stuff becomes compulsory because we need the tax money? As a practicing old grump, I don’t much care what they legislate, except for the entertainment value involved in watching people tiptoe through the ever-expanding minefield of convenience morality. If you got ’em, smoke ’em, I say. Maybe that tax money will buy a cure for lung cancer.

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