New Day

Just got off the phone with our son, talking about 3D printing, He’s been kicking the stable gate for years waiting for this stuff. It’s our century’s answer to steam and electricity. He sees the potential. Just for starters, imagine a guy in Marfa, Texas who can take your salt-water ruined Rolex (you should be so lucky in the first place) and duplicate it, Precisely. Watch out; these little “ain’t that amusing?” toys are going to change the world.Exciting times.



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  1. They have already used 3-D printers to make artificial hands for those who have lost theirs. But the real neat deal in this is that a lot of the programming for different things is available for FREE. The software guys are just putting it out on public domain. In the case of the hand- it only cost 50 dollars to make, verses the thousands a traditionally made hand would cost. Exciting times indeed!

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