Who ARE these people?

I’m reading today’s paper and suddenly we’re up to here in reasons why we should hold hands with the Syrian rebels. The reason seems to be All our friends are doing it. Is there no one in our entire governmental structure who can say So what? It’s pretty obvious that Iran and their trained puppies, the ones that call themselves Hezbollah, are going to end up running Syria (or at least a big part of it) when the smoke (and poison gas) clears. In effect then, anything we do to further the aims of the Syrian rebels assures we’re empowering people who’ve been unmistakably clear about their position that the only good American is a dead American. If it’s so important for us to throw in with any of those people, why don’t we at least deal with the Iranis? We provide a no-fly zone and they pay all the expenses. They’ve got money. Ok, oil; same thing. The only resources Hezbollah’s got is hate and suicide vests.

(Quick question: Also been reading about a rash of female suicide bombers in Russia. If a male blow-up automatically qualifies for those 72 virgins, what sort of entertainment’s on deck
for a lady blow-up?)

And don’t tell me our government will be earning a voice in the decisions about anything whatsoever in a future Syrian government. Take a look at what our young men and women died for in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan – and we’re still counting in Afghanistan. We’ve got Hamid Karzai. The man’s so crooked that when he dies they’ll dig his grave with a corkscrew. Iraq is a battlefield, probably will be for another full generation. In Vietnam we had so many prime ministers or presidents or premiers it took a flow chart to keep up. And in the end we bailed out and the survivors live in one of the most tightly controlled societies on the planet. There has to be a secret college somewhere where we train people to go into other countries and spot corrupt creeps so we can champion them. Who’s going to tell me that there are no upright, ethical people in Afghanistan, that we have to hang in there with Karzai because he’s the best we can find? The best what? We’ve been playing at bringing democracy to the underdogs of the world for the past 60 years. All we’ve accomplished is to set up corrupt, conniving crooks everywhere we’ve gone, and the finest of our young men and women have paid for those pitifully failed adventures with their lives – and possibly worse yet, their dreams and the dreams of those who love them.

Bringing democracy to other countries isn’t my job. It’s not your job. If it’s anyone’s job, it’s for the people who live there. We’re not helping the unserved people anywhere. We’re backing people you wouldn’t allow in your home and, in some cases, people who’d be happy to shoot their way into your home. When we see the people of a nation fighting to be free, we should consider – consider – helping them. That from a man who’s way too old to go to war ever again and one who’s well-enough acquainted with it to lament sending someone else – especially when our government has never learned the difference between self-interest and selfish interests. But if we can’t find an honest leader to stand beside, then get the hell out of there. We deal with anyone else on a cash basis without all this jabber about being friends. We’re not here to save the world. We’re here to save the United States. That’s enough.

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  1. As always well said Don. I get so frustrated. How many groups have we helped to overthrow their governments only to find that in a few years they are actively against us or are overthrown by those who hate us? It seems to be almost 100% I am not as good at history as I should but somehow countries like Panama, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and no doubt many others. The money lost on this staggers. The cost in blood even worse. So sad.

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