Playing The Hand – ‘Cause It’s How You Do It That Matters.

Look out! Here it is. First weekend of the New Year. Fiscal cliffs and Mayan hobgoblins averted. For a while, anyhow. And isn’t that how it always works out?
“Doom! Doom! The apocalypse is on us!”
“What? Where?”
“Too late, pal; came and left while you were stuttering.”
Happens all the time. So many people are running around pumping us up for imminent destruction that when we get broadsided by honest bad news, we’re caught with our thumb in our ear and a mouthful of dumb question. Or, better yet, wailing to the world that “I trusted him.” Or her – your call. And wise up, while you’re choosing if it was a him or her. If you didn’t trust the louse that busted you up, he or she couldn’t have gotten to you, right?

So 2013’s the same world we had yesterday. And last week, month, etc. We keep on keeping on. And ain’t it grand? Life’s good. It’s a test, a challenge, and sometimes a solid mess, but we’re still here and we’re handling anything it throws at us. I mean, come on – I’m sitting here looking out the window at a day as grim as a marked deck, but I can get off my butt, tell Carol to bundle up, yell for the Terrible dog and we can head for the beach. We’ll get some fresh air, watch all manner of birds. laugh at the Terrible dog trying to inhale every scent in western Washington, and just be glad we’re here together.

It ain’t much, but it’s way enough.

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  1. Your sentiments on “we the people” spending too much energy on non existent demons and getting blindsided by honest bad news were spot on. Well said Don.

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